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ReFlex Gallery is a fully responsive WordPress photo gallery plugin that is actually two galleries in one. ReFlex Gallery uses a FlexSlider style gallery for all mobile devices with a screen width of 480 pixels or less. This gallery plugin also dynamically creates prettyPhoto style galleries for all screen widths above 480 pixels. ReFlex Gallery is a gallery plugin that allows for multiple thumbnail photo galleries per page.

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ReFlex Gallery plugin provides an easy way for you to manage and display your WordPress photos in a simple responsive gallery. The admin section provided by the gallery plugin gives you the ability to easily sort, edit or delete photos from your photo galleries. We recently found an issue named Error 500. Details on Wordpress error 500 issue

ReFlex Gallery Pro » WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

Click to see gallery or re-size screen to 480 pixels or less.

  • Gallery Thumbnails - Desktop

    Gallery Thumbnails - Desktop

  • Gallery Pop-Up - Desktop

    Gallery Pop-Up - Desktop

  • Gallery Sliders - Mobile

    Gallery Sliders - Mobile

  • Overview Screen

    Overview Screen - Shows list of galleries and preset settings

  • Add Gallery Screen

    Add Gallery Screen

  • Add Images Screen

    Add Images Screen - Select Gallery

  • Add Images Screen

    Add Images Screen - Gallery Image List and Preview

  • Add Images Screen

    Add Images Screen - Upload multiple images

  • Edit Gallery Screen

    Edit Gallery Screen - Select Gallery

  • Edit Gallery Screen

    Edit Gallery Screen - Edit Gallery Settings

  • Edit Image Screen

    Edit Image Screen - Inline image editor by Pixlr.com to edit your images before uploading

  • Image 1
  • Image2
  • Image 3
  • Image 4

Photo Gallery Plugin

Admin Features Include:

  • Multiple image upload ability. (Pro/Premium version)
  • Table sorting and paging for easily managing larger lists of photos or galleries.
  • Set the sort order’ of photos in the galleries.
  • Image preview! Pop-up modal window allows you to see how the image will look in the gallery.
  • Inline image editing using Pixlr.com. (Pro/Premium version)
  • Unlimited Upgrades! (For the Premium version)
  • German translation has been added. (Deutsch Übersetzung hinzugefügt)
  • Portuguese translation has been added. (Tradução em português adicionado)

Only – $19.95 $5.95

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WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

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